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lab research

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chemical and bacteriological

water analysis

We offer a comprehensive water analysis service that includes photometric determination of various parameters, heavy metal testing, measurement of bacterial load, and sensitivity assessments for water disinfection processes. Our meticulous approach ensures that your water quality meets the highest safety and purity standards.

bacteriological examination of tissues and organs

tissue examinations

Our specialized laboratory techniques allow for the isolation of primarily Aeromonas/Pseudomonas from ulcers, kidney/spleen tissues, and abdominal fluid. We conduct sensitivity tests to determine the effectiveness of various antibiotics, providing crucial information for effective treatment strategies.

hematology, biochemistry, and cytology

blood analysis

We provide detailed blood analysis services, ranging from basic to comprehensive blood parameter measurements. This is followed by cytological examination of blood smears to interpret inflammatory conditions, if present. Our thorough analysis aids in the accurate assessment of your overall health status.

viral/bacterial dna analysis

pcr testing

Our PCR testing capabilities include screening for pathogens such as KHV (Koi Herpes Virus) and CEV (Sleeping Disease Virus), among the most common tests we offer. However, our suite of aquaculture analyses is extensive, covering a wide array of pathogens including SVCV, WSSV, Streptococcus, Flavobacterium, and Aeromonas Salmonicida, to name a few.

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